Friday, November 21, 2008


People, we are facing serious challenges. The economy is crumbling. Nuclear instability plagues the middle east and the Korean peninsula. In these times, we must be able to count on two essentials: cold beer and warm hands. Like any proud American, I have stepped forward to answer the call.

Should you decide that these are values you share, you can bring them into your life by visiting me on January 10 and forking over a Hamilton, or making your intent known to me online. Happy drinking!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I apologize for my absence from this here crafting blog. I am the other half of the Threadship and am delighted to make my debut with a little something I whipped up since I had Veteran's Day off.

I made this little fashion vest from the McCall's Pattern in a linen blend. I made view D and made only one minimal alteration to the pattern: I used one button instead of three. I made this decision mostly because my machine does not have a function to make really nice button holes and I did not trust my skills enough to make 3 identical buttonholes.

To further add to my excitement this is the first item I have made which is fully lined (or lined at all for that matter). However, I did not follow the pattern exactly and I devised my own alternate system which ended giving me some glitches. I will definitely be practicing my lining skills, especially since I have a jacket and a dress on docket to make next.

Monday, October 27, 2008

chubby bunny

Another little one has joined the growing army of little ones already in my circle of family and friends. Since I've taken up the motorized needle, I thought I'd put my skills on the line and create a little baby blanket. I bought remnant fleece strips, sewed them together and added a trim and some friends for her. A little lopsided, but hopefully she'll be all snuggled up and napping so she won't care.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

On the change train

My Obama shirt finally showed up, but was a little boxier and jammy-lookin than I had hoped. In this election where all of your dreams can come true, I thought to myself, why can't I have a wearable AND inspirational shirt?! And folks, the 'Bama Baseball Tee was born. As you can see, it inspires action.

The before: what am I to do with a frumpy and long tee? I just did some freehand cutting along the neck and had to cut one sleeve twice, but it was easy enough. Though your eyes may think otherwise, I am not actually pooping a pillow in the first picture, but I am ready for change!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Losing the battle

This jacket has threatened to take down all of my free time, which is formidable. Finally, I see an end to it, but not without regret. I regret not taking more time to make sure that the jacket would lay properly, so the hem writhes and flinches as I walk. I regret not measuring the lining properly, so the lining doesn't quite meet the bottom hem. I regret cutting the front hems freehand, so the front is uneven. I regret looking like le petit prince.

But, I'm pleased that I have a fall jacket to wear! It fits, it's jacket-like, and I did it!

I first made a muslin out of an existing winter coat that fit pretty well, but could use more room in the shoulders and less in the waist. I made some adjustments to the muslin, but ultimately got impatient and started cutting the fabric based on additional adjustments that I imagined. Next time, I'll get the muslin perfect, first.

I can't imagine that the blow-by-blow is riveting, so let me skip ahead a little. I'm done and here are the pics to show you!

Friday, October 3, 2008


We would like to welcome everyone to our new blog, where we will be sharing with your our various creations with the snags and successes along the way. We are both novice seamstresses--separated by two thousand miles--eager to share with each other and you our fabric adventures. Please stay tuned as we navigate thread, needles, and yards and yards of fabric!

Actually, novice is generous when describing me, Aminal. Despite having never made a garment for an adult human, I have recklessly embarked upon a jacket project that promises giggles and discomfort for all. So, if I can think I can make anything, so can you! I promise to share my disasters as openly as my triumphs -- should there be triumphs. As a jacket preview, here's my first disaster: uneven and too-close pockets! Come back to see how this and our other textile stories unfold!